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Lyrics and music by Michael Phillips

A love song in its purest form where the lover describes the – seemingly likely – state he´ll be in if his love for the lady of his heart remains unreciprocated by her.

Without you, without you
The colors in my mind merge into blue.
I don´t see you laugh, don´t see you weep,
Can´t stand by you in assistance
When the river runs deep.

Without you, without you
I can´t veer from the course that I pursue.
There´s no setting sails for unknown lands,
I´m left to drift in stagnant waters,
And the wind disobeys my commands.

Without you, without you
I can´t tell what´s false from what is true.
I feel no more cold, feel no more heat,
I´ve lost my way, lost my direction
Be it to triumph or defeat.

Without you, without you
Something keeps me awake all night through.
I picture you lyin´ somewhere in the dark,
I´m yearning for your touches
And the fireworks you could spark.

Without you, without you
There is no touch that would turn old into new.
All things undergo the wear and tear,
I´ll stick out hangin´ in the balance
And when you call me I´ll be there.