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Lyrics and music by Michael Phillips

This seemingly warm-sounding, medium-tempo tune is contrasted by the bitter lyrics about failed love, rejection and the need to sever ties, burn bridges and forget. The wounds that arise from 'ripping' the one-time love 'out of [the narrator´s] body' must be 'cauterized', his (computer-age human) memory 'cleared' and his brain 'detoxed', so that she leave 'nothing but a phantom pain'.

Must sift my diary,
Delete your name,
Before there´s passion
I can´t contain.
Must burn your portrait,
Prevent decay,
Before the image of you
Just fades away.
Must drop the curtain,
Must close the book,
Before there´s no escape from your hook,
Before there´s no escape from your hook
Must erase my voicemail,
Lose your messages left,
So your voice won´t haunt me,
Or leave me bereft.
Must cancel your number
From my directory,
I´ve dialed it so many times,
It´s so known to me.
Must get your smell
Out of my nose,
Before the river of desire overflows,
Before the river of desire overflows.

Must rip you out of my body,
Cauterize my wound,
Cut off the limb you´ve been,
Gotta keep myself pruned.
Must clear my memory,
Detox my brain,
So you may leave nothin´
But a phantom pain.
Must say good-bye
To swingin´ yesterday,
Quit before there´s nothing left to say,
Quit before there´s nothing left to say.