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Lyrics and music by Michael Phillips

The situation described here is that of the narrator who is faced with the imminent loss of a terminally ill person he loves and is closely related to. The narrator´s struggle is that between his desire and the unlikeliness to actually help her. At first, he is still hopeful and praises all her love and compassion she has shown to others, seemingly imploring some higher authority, as a result of his inabity to accept that her quality to 'care about others more than about [her] … self' does not guard a person against a fatal disease. Saying thanks for all good she has done - maybe in a desperate attempt to comfort her – he wishes that he could 'repay her goodnes and her love' she has given him and others, but he ultimately cannot help invoking 'heavenly justice' in her favor, realizing that she is fighting a losing battle. In this way, this song may be considered a prayer.

You´ve had to weather many a storm,
You´d say, 'Sometimes things can be like that',
In grandeur of wisdom, that´s your style.
No one´s ever heard you say,
'Life isn´t really where it´s at',
Or that somethin´ wasn´t worth your while.

If nothing´s ever brought you down,
Neither hardships nor disease,
It´s been for your toughness and your strength.
Accepting things with dignity,
Nothing´s brought you to your knees.
For it´s aiways been your creed to go full length.
I wish I could repay your goodness and your love,
I wish I could get you flyin´ high above all earthly harms,
And when you need me, I´ll hold you in my arms,
When you need me, I´ll hold you in my arms.

If someone´s asked you for advice,
You´d never face him with a frown,
When he was at the end of his rope.
Caring about others more than about yourself,
When you yourself were down,
You´ve always been looked to as a beacon of hope.


You´d spend your last long penny
To help a lame dog over a stile,
Your sisterly warmth can melt the ice.
You might give one an inch,
And you´d let him take a mile,
Inspired with selflessness and sacrifice.


In moments of down-heartedness
You´ve been a mainstay of morale,
And you´d say, ‘Faith can make you turn the tide’.
As you´ve always stood by others,
May they now see you to the end of that long, lonesome canal,
And may heavenly justice be on your side.