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Lyrics and music by Michael Phillips

This is a type of a definitely affirmative song about love, which couldn´t have been written this way without the experience of decades. It shows the narrator´s strong belief in the existence of some better quality of love that becomes felt particularly in situations of – inner - distress: fear, betrayal, strife and unfaithfulness.

If you can part for someone with the thing you treasure most,
If you don´t shun for him the walk from coast to coast,
And if you don´t lose heart when the sea is rough,
You´ll experience there´s a higher grade of love.

If you´ve ever feared for your baby´s life,
And the pain of fear has stabbed you like a knife,
And you´ve prayed for the blessing from above,
You´ll believe in a higher grade of love.

If you´ve vowed '…in sickness and in health',
Endured poverty on the road to wealth,
Given a share if you yourself hadn´t got enough,
You´ll be worthy of a higher grade of love.

If you can forgive someone after the fiercest strife,
In a time when resentfulness is rife,
In a time when it´s a precept to be tough,
You´ll know it takes a higher grade of love.

If your woman´s sailed for another shore,
And you haven´t lost faith in her though she may come back no more,
Still trusting you´re the hand and she´s the glove,
You´re gifted with a higher grade of love.