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Lyrics and music by Michael Phillips

As a possible equivalent to a road movie, this 'road song' deals with human existence, which every man is actually kicked into at birth, symbolized by an errand the narrator was sent on, with an unknown destination. Depicting various stages of his young man´s adventurous career as a loner, he gradually seems to form a liking for sharing his life with a woman, but at first keeps struggling for his footloose and fancy-free ways he´s become used to. Eventually, however, he seems to have agreed to taking 'whatever road' with her in togetherness, showing an even stronger commitment, saying 'be it long and winding', and determinedly stating that they´ve 'got no more idle time to spare.'

I was sent on an errand,
But I didn´t know where.
Thought that the straighter I went,
The sooner I´d be there.
So I set out with my load,
And mistook the road,
It was long and winding, but I had time to spare.

Seems like I´ve been wandering,
Wandering all the way,
And some sweet distractions
Made the stray dog stray,
So it´s more of a roller-coaster life,
With trouble and strife,
You´d have to share with me every day.

When I tried to find a bearing
In the desert land,
I couldn´t spy a landmark,
And I saw I could use a hand.
But I´d never settle down,
But spend the nights on the town,
This will always be so, please understand.

When had to climb a mountain,
I struggled hard to pull through,
And what I saw across it,
Baby, I can tell, was new.
Goin´ many an extra mile,
I must catch my breath a while,
That´s what I want to bring home to you.

Searching for an orbit,
I gave my mind a different spin,
Saying, 'One day you lose,
The other you, sure, will win'.
Now it´s no more ‘Go for the best,
And forget about the rest’,
But just waiting for falling stars would be a sin.

When I had to cross a river,
And I´d reached midstream,
Way-layers there were lurkin´,
They, sure, were up to a scheme.
I might reach a safe harbor some day,
And drop anchor in your bay,
Feeling home, so home with you, like in a dream.

We´ve been sent on an errand,
But we don´t know where,
We think that the straighter we go,
The sooner we´ll be there.
So lets set out with our load
And take whatever road,
Be it long and winding, but we´ve no more idle time to spare