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Lyrics and music by Michael Phillips

The basic notion, here, in this surreal, nightmarish mindscape is that as long as you keep moving, you won´t die. The female figures the narrator encounters along his route, trotting on, in escape from death, are allegorical in character and seem very familiar with him and, as they give him directions and advice, and have probably played a certain part in his life.

Venus turned up,
She stepped out of the mist,
She´d always been known
To be a great philanthropist.
She said, 'No matter where you´re headin´,
You should go there fast,
Or you won´t be on the show,
They won´t put you on the cast.'
I said, 'Thanks for your advice,
I´ll bear that in mind,
You´re the type of friend
I could ever hope to find,
Jaywalkin´ through chaos. Chaos!'

Mermaid in the alley,
As I was rushin´ by,
She´d never been phony,
She´d never told a lie.
She said, 'My love, you´ll need me
If you wanna be real fast.
I´ll blaze your trail
And I´ll keep you unharassed!'
'I wanna die in my boots,' I said,
'And not in bed,
And as long as I keep runnin´
I, sure, won´t drop dead,
Once back to the jungle. Jungle!'

Charity incarnate,
Miss Nightingale, the nurse,
She said, 'Don´t mean to be nosey,
But do you believe in any curse?
I´ll dress your wounds and bruises
You may get by travelin´ fast,
But take care you stay on course
And nail your colors to the mast!'
I said, 'Sorry, I´m in a hurry,
I´m engaged in life´s hardest race.
Time will tell if I´ll be rewarded
With the desired fertile place,
After plowing wasteland. Wasteland!'

Ebony, the sorrowful,
Always afraid to get the sack,
She said, 'Just go your way, dear,
And never look back!'
'Time is running short,' she said,
'There´s a need for acting fast,
Believe in what you are doin´
And you´ll succeed at last!'
I said, 'Yes, I know it´s pressing,
Feel the sting from behind,
But there´s no time to read the roadmap
For the backroads of my mind,
I´m busy survivin´. Survivin´!'