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Lyrics and music by Michael Phillips

The song deals with the absurdities and contradictions of modern life, with each verse ending in a contrasting statement against stultification, brain-wash and mass-manipulation on the part of the ruling caste, and in favor of the emancipation and self-determination of the individual in his confrontation with the misled masses. From this angle this song may be called a classic song of protest. The tenor, however, is pessimistic, predicting those opposing this system, to fail in the end and therefore projects a slightly apocalyptic vision.

There´s too many questions and no answers,
Too many ballrooms and no dancers,
There´s too many projects and no advancers,
Too many dime-novel readers and no romancers.
The truth is eclipsed,
It´s hidden in the shadow,
I wouldn´t care if I was just a sheep
Grazing on the hill.

There´s too many teardrops and no laughter,
Too many rooftops and no rafters,
There´s too many speeches and no drafters,
Too many 'before's and no 'after's.
People are deceived into thinkin´
That nothing is missing
By manipulators who are
Lulling their fears.

There´s too much suffering, no consolation,
Too many lives, no expectations,
There´s too many delusions and no revelations,
Too many plans, no aspirations.
The road is full of self-styled leaders
Talking nonsense.
They try to silence those whose views
Go against the grain.

There´s too many doors that don´t open
Too much trouble and no hopin´,
There´s too many problems and no copin´,
Too many with blindfolds and no gropin´.
Some reclaim handed-down principles
They can cling to,
Attempting to relieve their
Renegade doubts.

There´s too much passion and no feelings,
Too many shelters without ceilings,
There´s too much business and no honest dealings,
Too many diseases and no healing.
People, lost, they tend
To resort to illusions,
And 'self-deception'
Is the watchword of our time.
There´s too many highways but no directions,
Too many dying and no resurrections.
There´s too many thoughts and no reflections,
Too many germ-killers for no more infections.
Non-believers are denounced
For their search for meaning
And in the end they´ll all be forced
To back down.There´s just too many questions and no answers,
But I wouldn´t care if I was just a sheep
Grazing on the hill...