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Words and music by Michael Phillips
(c) 1997 Jive Music. Used by permission.

I´ve got to sever my ties, I feel the urge for cuttin' loose.
My shirt collar chokes my breath,
And I´ve grown out of my old shoes.
The fog has lifted,
And I´ve come to discern
All the things that should be abandoned,
And the ones worth being learned.
I´ve got to get up,
I´ve got to get up,
I´ve got to get up
Instead of givin´ myself up to the blues.

Well, the air has got stuffy,
It´s painful to inhale.
Now I see the truth I was brought up with
Has proved nothing but a fairy tale.
Well, those years as they keep
Rollin´ past my eyes,
They reveal that so much taken for granted
Was based on lies.
Deceptive splendor,
Deceptive splendor,
Deceptive splendor,
It fails to keep the real thing behind entirely veiled.

I´m seekin´ some distraction
Amusement parks can´t give.
What some get a kick out of
May leave others bored stiff.
But I don´t seek self-appeasement,
Nor do I seek a cheap thrill.
My heart cries for something,
And it´s beyond my will.
It´s real adventure,
It´s real adventure,
It´s real adventure,
No matter if it drives me close to the edge of the cliff.

I´m ready to gather the strength it takes
To make it my own special way.
Those who pretend to know better
Shall no longer lead me astray.
I don´t rely on the wisdom
Of those who claim to hold the key.
I´ve got to find out myself
About the truth in history.
They´ll have to throw off their masks some day.

I´m gonna set my feet ready
To walk without a brace.
I´ll never allow again
Anyone else to control my pace.
I like dark sunglasses
And sometimes I like to grow a beard.
But I don´t mind those who refuse to deal
With someone lookin´ weird.
I won´t ask for a license (no, no, no)
I won´t ask for a license,
I won´t ask for a license
When I feel like changing my name or the look of my face.

I´ve got to crawl out of my den
And make a new set of friends.
I may be the last one to quit,
But I´m sure the first to say that this time ends.
There´s a line that´s still ringin´ in my ears
And it still sounds so quaint;
It´s "all you gotta do is overcome
Your self-imposed restraints" (that´s what I try)
And I burn my bridges,
I burn my bridges,
I burn my bridges,
And I do my own thing at any expense.