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Words and music by Michael Phillips
(c) 1997 Jive Music. Used by permission.

The party is over,
Half-empty glasses all over the place,
Ashtrays and cigarette packs,
The wine has gone stale for standing overnight.
Light spills in through the curtains,
A new day is about to break,
Gone is the spell of darkness
In the eternal alternation of black and white.
Our heads they're still resounding
With the tunes we once loved to hear.
One more time we've got together,
Trying to keep alive what used to be intimate and sincere.

It's just one more Sunday morning
After one more sleepless night misspent
With too many drinks and idle talk
That ends where there's no way to break through the armor of pride.
We've all but run out of conversation,
It's been exhausted to the point of retreat,
Cocktail party vanity
Helps conceal that something inside of us has died.
No one is even willing
To open up his heart,
All that seems to count,
Is to come off cool and smart.

Some have come for entertainment,
The kind that's not expected to get too rough.
Just Saturday night out, dressed up in style,
With a touch of extravaganza.
They put their best foot forward
In displayin' their good looks,
With their immaculate offhandedness
They philosophize the value of being a good dancer.
Somehow they bring back to mind
The principle of give and take.
Is it because they don't commit themselves,
Or because they're the first to line up for another piece of cake?

There's one thing I know for certain,
It's that this time marks the end
Of something that had grown
From the things we had in common at the start.
Everyone is set to go,
Knowing it might be the last farewell,
But there's nothing to regret,
It's all just a jigsaw puzzle falling apart.
So why keep up any longer
What is so phoney and unreal?
Why not stand by what we think
And the way we feel?