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Words and music by Michael Phillips
(c) 1997 Jive Music. Used by permission.

Well, he's got everything
A man may conceivably desire.
He's a well-to-do dandy
And he sure is a frequent flyer.
But he knows there's more that can be lost
When the stakes are getting higher.

In his designer-made apartment
He woos the in-crowd, dressed to kill.
He's like a spider in the web
When he seeks to get life´s ultimate thrill,
But he´s just the jester in the game,
Who´s always left to foot the bill.

He´s got a society woman
Who´s known to easily swoon.
With her cover-girl ambitions
She takes her beauty sleep till far past noon.
But when the night is pitch-black
She leaves him howling at the moon.

He´d need someone to go through thick and thin with
No matter how much it hurts.
Someone to do his laundry
And to iron his shirts.
He´d need someone he can rely on,
Someone who keeps her word,
But she´s someone spitting venom,
Someone delighting in dishing the dirt.

He´s got celebrity friends
He´s pulled strings for, to make them known.
Now they keep him well-assured
He'll make it to their coveted throne.
Now he´s everybody´s darling,
But in the end he´s always left on his own.

He´s a notorious collector
Of things that are hard to come by.
He´s so proud he can afford
The fancy clothes that are all the cry.
But it gives him a hard time to know
There´s something all his money can´t buy.