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Words and music by Michael Phillips
(c) 1997 Jive Music. Used by permission.

You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth,
Your mom and dad took you to the finest schools.
Misfortune has spared you on Easy Street,
You've expected everyone else to play by your rules.
Oh, you're just a babe in the woods,
Mistaking the world for your wealthy neighborhood.

You've never ever had to live on your own,
With no one to talk to when you need a sympathetic ear,
With no one to cuddle up to in lonesome nights,
With no one really around you worth shedding a tear.
How can you live on like a babe in the woods,
Believin' there is no good-bye for good?

You don't know what it's like when no one thinks of you,
When there's no letters in the mailbox, and there's no ringin' of the phone,
When the dripping of the faucet is a-hammering in your brain,
And you start talkin' to yourself 'cause you feel so alone.
Oh yes, you're sure, my little babe in the woods,
This wouldn't happen to you, but maybe it could.

May your horses never trip over a stumbling block,
May you always stand unshakeable like solid rock,
May your streets always be paved with gold,
May you never be left out in the cold.

You've been taught to dissemble with your distinguished ways,
You patronize the places where your equals meet,
You condemn those without a sense of etiquette,
But what good are table-manners when you ain't got nothing to eat?
Oh, you're just a babe in the woods,
Thinking the language of money is always understood.