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On who I am

"I may be European-born and raised, but I'm definitely American-hearted, American-minded and American-spirited."
On having lived a previous existence

"Through dream visions and déjà vus similar to those described in a book by Paul Busson, which I read in my late teens and which has inspired me all the way, I've come to sense an existence I must have lived elsewhere before that I'm living now, considering more and more seriously the possibility of rebirth."

"I remember, I got my first own guitar from my granduncle when I was about eight, or so. He was a man of many talents and had tried almost everything that could make a man's life rich, which included playing instruments as diverse as the saxophone, the accordion and the guitar. For some time in the 50s, I guess, his mastery of the accordion earned him regular live appearances in a weekly show on a national radio station, together with a female partner who was sharing his musical interests.

"It must have been the summer of the following year, or so - with lots of rainfall, so I was forced to stay indoors for quite some time -, that I borrowed a songbook from my elder brother, a compilation of the most popular folk songs. I thumbed it through for a song that would be easy to play, just two or three chords, and eventually decided on what was to become the 'first song I ever (sang and) played on the guitar', the popular standard The Dying Cowboy ('As I went out in the streets of Laredo, …').

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