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"I remember myself being a third grader at elementary school when I borrowed the classical guitar from my teacher, Ms. So-and-so, and played Mr.Tambourine Man in the music class, a song by the guy who had not only drawn my attention by then for furnishing lots of material with a high 'sing-along value' but who had also absorbed me completely - and has encouraged me through his work to write songs ever since -, blowing my mind like probably everybody else's: Bob Dylan.

Of course, it would take me some more time to find out that his true accomplishments both as a songwriter and performer by far outweighed the mere campfire qualities of his early songs. I didn't quite grasp then what the song was really all about, but I recall that my little bit caught on pretty well and cut ice with both my classmates and my teacher. From then on, she sort of seemed to wink at me every time she'd ever play guitar again."

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