On who I am

"I may be European-born and raised, but I'm definitely American-hearted, American-minded and American-spirited."
On having lived a previous existence

"Through dream visions and déjà vus similar to those described in a book by Paul Busson, which I read in my late teens and which has inspired me all the way, I've come to sense an existence I must have lived elsewhere before that I'm living now, considering more and more seriously the possibility of rebirth."

"The older I grow, the more strongly I feel a force dragging me away from my present existence; my former life seems to gradually overlap and may ultimately supersede my present-life experiences."

"Trying to trace any former identity of mine in terms of language, thought, culture, instincts, predilections, and the strong affinity I have always felt since I started living a conscious life, I've arrived at the conclusion that, provided there has been such, it must have been America where it originated from."

"The incidents that produce my sensation of being out of time and out of place are becoming more and more frequent, which leads me to the insight that I may have been born at the wrong time in the wrong place."

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